Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Guns or Glitter

Gender Reveal

I had the wonderful blessing and privilege of hosting a gender reveal party for my dearest and best friend Carolyn! Oh the ideas we threw around for the theme never ended, UNTIL, we came across the idea of Guns or Glitter. Both of our minds were going with all the ideas we could use, however, they were not on the same track. Carolyn's idea was pink and blue and mine was camo and glittery pink. After talking to, or rather persuading, Carolyn that pink and blue goes with the theme of "Blue or Pink what do you think?" I won out and the decorating began; CAMO and GLITTERY PINK!!!

I am a huge DIYer! In fact, you can always find me making something. If you can make it instead of buy it you will always save money; at least that is my philosophy and I will stick to it. (This is how I can convince my husband to let me go to hobby lobby so often)

Carolyn confined me to decorating and setting up to her kitchen and dining room. This isn't a very large space but I sure made the most of it.  



The guests signed this picture book (which would be used in the actual reveal) for the baby to have throughout his/her childhood. The sign reads:
We're so glad you came
We'd love to have you
sign your name,
And write perhaps a line or two
By which we can remember you.
Then when Baby Hall
has arrived
Our memories of this day will thrive
For when we look at it we'll see
Kind words from friends and family!

I made these pins for the mom, dad, and big-sister to be!
Guests would choose a ribbon pin (glittery pink or camo) and pin it to their shirt according to the gender they were hoping for. The sign reads: Once you have cast your vote, grab a pin and pin it to your shirt!

I had guests write their name on a piece of paper and place it in the corresponding jar for the gender they choose. I then held a raffle for the winning jar. The winner got a gift card to either Academy (boy) or Target (girl). The sign reads: write your name on a piece of paper and place it in the corresponding jar for your vote. A raffle will be held for the guest who guessed correctly! (each guest gets an entry!)
Then I had props for pictures for the guests to take. Once they had chosen the gender they are hoping for, they grabbed either a tiara or a gun and posed for a picture! The sign reads: Come take a picture, let us see which side you're wanting it to be.
To help guests vote, I talked to the mom-to-be and created a midwife tale chart so they could see which side the mom-to-be yields to.

This is the chalkboard drawing and voting for the guests so we could see what the majority thought!
Window fringe

Ribbon balls

The camo and glittery pink didn't end with decorations; I carried it over to the food and drinks as well. I had a pink lemonade and a green sherbert punch to incorporate into the drinks.

The Reveal

I got the idea from a friend whose gender reveal was unbelievable. It was so unique I knew instantly I wanted to do it for my best friend. Her reveal can be found on her blog The Kurtz Corner.
I gathered all the guests together and put them in a circle. I passed out small take out boxes and told them to not open them just yet. I also said that only one box contains the actual gender. I was going to read the book from the sign in (I Love You More). Every time I read the word "love" they were to pass their box to the right. After the story was over, everyone opened their box and the person with the gender was to shout out "IT'S A ...." the trick was, everyone had the gender in their box. Some how, it worked out to where the mom and dad- to- be shouted IT'S A BOY!!!! before anyone else. They were elated and overwhelmed!
Their bundle of joy will arrive in May and Jackson will be theirs to love on till the end of time!!! Congratulations Carolyn and Derrick!








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