Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Healing a Severe Diaper Rash

For the first time since my daughter was born, which has been a year, she unexpectedly acquired her first SEVERE diaper rash. When my sweet angel was acting fussy throughout the morning I knew something was awry. Then when she awoke from her 3 hour nap screaming in pain I knew this seemingly simple rash had developed into more.

I noticed the rash a few days ago but it wasn't bad at. I treated it with my go-to A&D diaper cream. When it didn't go away, I treated it for a yeast infection by putting Lamasil on it. Still, it got worse!

When my daughter, who never cries (and those who know her, know that's not a lie), was screaming for over an hour, I called the on-call nurse for help. I was sure she would laugh at the fact I was calling about a diaper rash but when she heard my daughter screaming she jumped into action. She told me about the following treatment plan:

Put about 2 tablespoons of baking soda into a luke warm bath and let the child soak for about 20 minutes.

Mix together the following ointments and slather it on her bottom: 

Neosporin (I used the one with pain relief)
A&D ointment (NOT cream)

I made a large batch of the ointment and stored it in a tub-a-ware.

My daughter immediately felt relief and was no longer in pain; on top of that she was able to move around again and the rash began to clear up. After 2 days of using the ointment after every diaper change the rash has healed up.

I will ALWAYS keep this ointment on hand and use it at the first sign of a rash!

I hope y'all find this useful in your adventures of parenting!


  1. Hi Jessica, what ratio did you mix everything together? Thanks!

  2. I apologize for not seeing this sooner! I typically eyeball the amount but there will be more Vaseline than anything, and equal parts Neosporin and A+D ointment. If I had to guess, 3 parts Vaseline to 1 part Neosporin and 1 part A+D ointment.

  3. It has been 20 years since my boys were in diapers, but this was recommended to me by their ped. nurse and it totally works. It is a lifesaver.


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