Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Valentine Keepsake

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I have been working on a couple of simple projects you can do with your child! This project will be made easier if you have a Cricut machine but it is NOT impossible to do if you don't have one. You'll simply be doing a lot of cutting and/or tracing by hand. 

Handprint Sign

Cricut Cartridges
  • Tear Drops Cricut cartridge
  • Sweethearts Cricut cartridge
  • 12X12 scrapbook paper (background)
  • pattern paper (heart)
  • 2 different solid color papers (key & words)
  • Letter stickers (compliment background paper)
  • Acrylic paint (compliment background paper)
1. Using the Sweethearts Cricut cartridge, set the size dial to 6 1/2 and cut out the swirl heart from your pattern paper.
2. Using the Sweethearts Cricut cartridge, set the size dial to 4 and cut out the key from the key and lock from your solid paper; I chose black.
3. Using the Tear Drops Cricut cartridge, set the size to 1 1/4 and cut out all the letters for the saying "These ______ Hold Our ______ Forever"
4. Play around and rearrange the letters and pictures until you like the placement. REMEMBER to leave room for your child's hand prints and for the letter stickers to say "Hands" & "Hearts" .
5. Once you like the placement of everything, glue it all down first.
6. Paint your child's hand with the paint and place them on the paper where you have designated. As you can see, I chose to do them in the upper right hand corner.
7. Now place the stickers where you would like the words to be. I chose to add variation to my picture and placed the word "HANDS" vertical instead of horizontal.
8. I bought a 12X12 scrapbook frame from hobby lobby to finish it!

I forgot the "s" at the end of "HEARTS" OOPS!
Ideas if you don't have a Cricut:

Heart and key: I would find an image you like, print it out and cut around it. Then trace it onto the pattern paper of choice and cut and glue onto your 12X12 paper.
Letters: There are a couple ways you can do this; the first would be to find a stencil and trace and cut them out; the second could be to find letter punches and punch them out; a third could be to find an artistic font you like and print them on a complimentary paper and cut and glue each word or print the letters out and cut around each individual letter.

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