Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Whooo's the Sweetest?

Valentine's Day is sneaking up and here is a quick and easy Valentine you can do for a school exchange or just because you want to give a little something to a few friends!

  • 5 1/2 in square piece of colored paper
  • small white piece of paper
  • black piece of paper
  • small orange piece of paper (easy if it's a square)
  • Glue stick
  • pencil
  • medium circle shape (to trace)
  • smaller circle shape (to trace
  • scissors
  • individually wrapped candies

1. Fold your 5 1/2 square piece of paper in half. With the open half pointed away from your body draw a bracket: { just like the picture below

2. Now along the shorter side of the folded piece of paper, draw a semi-circle; do the same on the opposite side. See picture below

3. Now cut along  your lines so the finished piece looks like the below picture.

4. Using this as a template, create as many owl faces as you desire.

5. Using the orange piece of paper, you will create a small (in fact it might actually be tiny) triangle. This will become the beak. I made it easier on myself and simply cut off the corners. (See picture below) If you choose to take this route, you will need several pieces of orange paper.

6.Use your 2 size circle items for tracing, and trace 2 of the medium circles on to the white paper, and trace 2 of the smaller circles on to the black paper. (See picture below)This will become your eyes. Cut out the circles.

7. Glue the beak on first, then the eyes.

8. Now you are ready to glue the candy inside. Open up the face, and place a lot of glue on one side. Lay the candy on top and then close the face and press down making sure to seal it so that it will remain closed.

9. On the back, you can write whatever saying you like that pertains to owls: "Whoooo _______". I chose to write "Whoo's the sweetest?"

Happy Valentine's Day!
Enjoy your simple Valentine!!!

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