Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Party

My daughter turned 1 in January and I had been planning her first birthday party since she was just weeks old. I LOVE planning parties and I tend to go over the top (not in price though)! Having a child gives me the perfect excuse to plan parties. The theme for her first party was a no brainer for me, Minnie Mouse!!!! The color scheme of pink, black, and white was easy to execute and then add a few bows and Minnie mouse cutouts and you've got the perfect party.

In this post, you will find every element for the party from the decorations to the food and everything in between. I will include what I did to create them. First, let me preface by saying that I have a Cricut cartridge that is Disney theme. It has the classic characters like Minnie and Mickey. I used this cartridge to cut the shapes I needed for the party.

Center Pieces

I made 2 different center pieces for the 4 tables I had in the room. One was a Minnie Mouse Styrofoam head and the other was a ribbon ball. Both were displayed inside a flower pot I painted pink.

For the Minnie Mouse Head:

I hand painted a large Styrofoam ball and 2 smaller Styrofoam balls black
Hot Glue the balls together to form the head
Create a bow to place on top and hot glue
Wrap a Dowl rod with ribbon and place in the bottom of the head and into the painted flower pot (there is a piece of Styrofoam in the pot to hold up the center pieces)

For the Ribbon Balls:
I have posted a "How-to" previously and you can find it here!
The thing you need to know is to match the ribbon to the colors you want.

To finish off the tables, you can see a polka dot runner: I used wrapping paper to run down the center of pink table cloth.


Other Decorations:

Wreaths for the doors; ribbon wreath and a fabric wreath.

Mickey mouse fringe around every doorway and window. I used my Cricut cartridge to cut these out and then glued them along a piece of string.

2 banners; one with my daughter's name and the other says "Happy Birthday"

Large Minnie mouse cutouts to hang on the wall.

Foam #1's; some were decorated with glitter polka dots and others with cupcake wrappers.

30 tissue paper balls hung from the ceiling.

Tutu around the highchair

Dessert Table:

I had a dessert table for everyone to snack on throughout the party. Every dessert was Minnie Mouse themed.

sucker head

Cake balls

Oreo pops

Dipped marshmallows


Smash Cake (for the birthday girl)




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