Friday, June 6, 2014

Fishing Baby Shower

I was honored to host a baby shower for my dearest friend! Once the gender was revealed as a BOY, the theme was a no brainer!!! The family chose FISHING because that is the dad-to-be's favorite hobby.

I started with my go to idea starter, pinterest. After creating a board and getting my creative juices flowing, I began. This post shows everything I did to transform this theme in to the mom-to-be's dream of a baby shower!




The table decorations were simple. I used 2 shades of blue plastic table cloths and alternated between the 4 tables. There was a square fabric topper in the middle. I had a tree trunk cut and used that as the base to hold mason jars that were filled with blue water and bobbers.
Along the wall I had put up different size circles cut with my Cricut from different shades of blue cardstock. Then I use Crepe paper and twisted it along the base to look like seaweed.
Along the ceiling, I draped blue cellophane to appear like waves or water. Then I hung painted paper lanterns to look like bobbers. (I took plain white lanterns and painted the base red). Then I hung paper fish in various primary colors that I cut with my Cricut.
The sign in table had a couple of simple diaper cakes, the baby book, pictures, and ribbons for the people to be honored.

I made a decomesh wreath for the door and hung fish fringe from the door way.

I made a sign to direct guests to the baby shower and a fishing doc to set the presents on.



Each element of the food table (with the exception of the sandwiches) were fishing themed. The meat and cheese tray had the pieces cut into fish, the treats ranged from reels and rods, to bait and bass. The cake was done by a local bakery called Cake Junky. The cupcakes and the bobber cake pops were done by a local bakery in Temple, Texas.
The drinks were suppose to be "Lake Water" and "Ocean Water" but due to my lack of knowledge in the Kool-Aid industry, I bought fruit punch in a blue packet. I assumed it would come out blue but it was red, so I just said a shark attack had just occurred in the water!



There were several games the guests played. One was break your water in which each guest was given an ice cube with a plastic baby in it and they had to watch it throughout the shower and once their baby was free from the ice they shouted "My water broke!" and they got a prize. Another game was Price is Right in which I chose baby items and had them displayed and the guests had to write their best guess as to the price of each item; they totaled their sheet and the person closest without going over won. Another game was guessing what the mom-to-be hoped the baby would have as far as features and personality goes. The final game was played during gift opening. Prior to the gifts, each guest wrote down a number on a piece of paper guessing how many times the mom-to-be would say the word "baby"; then while the mom opened presents we counted how many times she said "baby" and the person who guessed the closest won. The prizes for all of the games were small hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works.
The price is right set up





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